Some of Your Questions

  • Is StateSourced a prepaid card or gift card?
  • Can you use StateSourced for e-commerce?
  • Can I set up repeat billing?
  • Are you FINCEN compliant?
  • What happens if credit card and debit card companies decide to allow processing of payments in this industry?
  • Do you have an affiliate or reseller program?
No. That type of card service lacks security and doesn’t comply with federal regulation. This is a critical variable, because with standard banking there is insurance in place to cover certain losses in the event of fraud, theft or error. The same legal protections generally don't extend to prepaid cards. StateSourced’s card offering provides consumers with a literal merchant account with standard processing perimeters, including all of the capabilities and securities of accepting a traditional credit or debit card.
Yes, as long as the transactions fall within the respective state’s legal guidelines. In consideration of the fact that federally controlled state sanctioned substances are not legal to cross state lines, at this point in time, un authorized product distribution must not cross state lines. Only within the states where a vendor is authorized and licensed to transact business, is the product legal for purchase and delivery.
Yes! Just like any other traditional merchant account, StateSourced facilitates subscription billing.
Absolutely. The issuance of this guidance, is in part, the very reason the opportunity for StateSourced is so advantageous. Financial institutions largely have not opened their doors to legalized marijuana operations, because a due diligence regime is required as a contingency, and most financial institutions just don’t have those resources readily available. State Sourced has developed a unique proprietary system, enabling authorization to operate under these vital parameters.
Currently the only accepted payment method is through a StateSourced card. However, in anticipation of advancement, StateSourced has been designed to undergo a seamless transition if or when Visa and Mastercard and others choose to participate in the marijuana industry. With the click of a few buttons, full spectrum payment processing becomes readily available.
Yes. For more information, email